Why Us?

Participants like yourself use our consultation services before and after training. Every Participant receives free of charge:
• Initial Training Assessment
• Initial Training Plan Development
• Onsite Training Prep with your Trainer
• Post-Training Debrief
• Training Plan Follow-up

Your success is our success. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. For this reason, we offer you complimentary consultation services. If you are not satisfied that our training provided you with the tools and resources to address your problems, we will refund the price of your training or we will do it again. It’s that simple.

The following additional consultation services are also available:
• Fact finding or data analysis
• Client/student observation and reporting
• Staff/environmental observation and reporting
• Legal / licensing / contract requirements review
• Administrative policy and procedure review
• Program policy and procedure review
• Program log paperwork review
• Training cost/benefit analysis

Participants like yourself utilize our development services for many of the following reasons:
-Fine tuning or modification of existing training curricula
-Development of custom specification training curriculum
-Research of literature, best practices or scientific methods
-Surveys or data analysis
-Administrative policy and procedure development
-Program policy and procedure development
-Program log paperwork development
-Quality assurance systems
-Certification programs.

Really, the Service Alternatives Training Institute should be known as the Service Alternatives Consultation, Technical Assistance, Development, Facilitation and Training Institute, but we couldn't find business cards wide enough for the name! Remember that training itself is just one step in your success and is never the total solution to your productivity or risk management goals. Providing more than training, you will find a full-service support shop at the Service Alternatives Training Institute. Maybe our existing training doesn't quite fit your needs? No problem, it can be developed or adjusted to meet your needs. Maybe you need help implementing the solutions we develop with you? You are covered there as well. Maybe you first need help facilitating the group process to determine your goals which will serve as the specifications for the training? That can happen as well.